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AFRY/Emtunga on antibiotic production assignment for the Norwegian Helsedirektoratet

Norwegian Directorate of Health, Helsedirektoratet, is an authority working with advisory and implementation of regulations in the health sector.

Now, a cross functional team from Menon Economics, AFRY and Emtunga Solutions works on an assignment for the Norwegian Directorate of Health, with the purpose of analyzing technical and economic conditions for building an antibiotic production facility in Norway.

Production of pharmaceuticals and medicine can help improve countries' preparedness. The production of antibiotics is advanced and requires both facilities and expertise. To date there are no facilities that produce antibiotics in Norway. The analysis will have focus on both the economical prerequisites of, and technical aspects for establishing an antibiotic production in Norway. The study will consider, analyses of the market and sales, as well as operation- and construction costs for the antibiotics to be produced. The study will look at several alternatives and conduct a sustainability analysis for each case with an initial calculation of the climate footprint and emissions from the proposed facility.

“The perfect match between AFRY and Emtunga competencies have thrown open a large window of opportunity to re-enter the Life Science market for EPC modular facilities. We are excited about the early successes in our cooperation, together we can compete as a world class supplier of EPC projects.” (Christofer Edström, Managing Director of Emtunga)

The feasibility study will be a basis for decisions in the Norwegian Government Stortinget at the turn of the year 2021-2022.

For more information of the Emtunga Life Science offer, please contact Lars-Gunnar Wallenius (Marketing & Sales, Life Science Manager)


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