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Are you planning new laboratories, factories or facility expansion? Modular solutions increases control over cost and timelines.

Emtunga Solutions AB is providing modular solutions and utilities to accommodate for the client process' content for Life Science, Food & Process and Oil&Gas industry. In this event we talk about our versatile modular solutions and demonstrate how this save time and money in the execution of an industrial turnkey project.

May 24, 2021



Emtunga have a long experience of delivering modular pharmaceutical production plants together with AFRY and have completed several global joint projects historically. AFRY/Emtunga has its own expertise in the various areas to be able to offer a first-class clean room installation with full integration of process and utility systems.

Jun 15, 2021


Aquaculture, the farming of fish and crustaceans, is the fastest growing food industry in the world right now. But fish farming can create sewage runoffs and other local environmental problems. Can we meet the increasing demand for fish while ensuring that the production is carried out in an eco-friendly way? One solution can be found on the mountain tops of the Swiss Alps.

May 20, 2021

Intersted in developing an Antibiotic Manufacturing Facility?

Emtunga Solutions AB and AFRY were November 30th invited to the The Life Science Cluster webinar "Antibiotikaproduksjon og modulære fabrikker" to present how we construct industrial facilities with our modular approach. By using a project to develop an Antibiotic Manufacturing Facility as a case we explained how we assure quality in all project stages the benefits our modular approach brings. Starting from identifying regulatory requirements early to final acceptance of the complete facility ready for production.

May 24, 2021


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Press releases

> Press release from the load out of Martin Linge Living Quarters and Helideck, Port of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Hamn AB) 2018-03-09
> Press release from the load out of Martin Linge Living Quarters and Helideck, Swedish Television (
SVT Nyheter Väst)  2018-03-09
> Press release from the load out of Martin Linge Living Quarters and Helideck, GP (
Göteborgs-Posten) 2018-03-09
> ”Apply Emtunga builds living quarters on historic land”, reportage from Emtunga’s construction site in Arendal yard, Gothenburg (
Platzer Fastigheter) May 2018

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