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Life Science by Emtunga

Health Care Facilities

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Entering the pharmaceutical industry – 1986: Emtunga delivers its first pharmaceutical modules for Pharmadule AB after discovering that the modular construction used in the offshore industry will solve the pharmaceutical industry's traditional problems of cost overruns, delivery delays and technical problems. This was the starting time for a long relationship.


Pharmadule Emtunga AB was established during 2001 from a merger of Pharmadule AB and Emtunga International AB. The merger completed the two companies' long-term relationship, where Emtunga was Pharmadule’s exclusive manufacturer of modular pharmaceutical plants but also the engineering expertise of facility design. The companies operated extremely close during a period of fifteen years, delivering close to 50 plants to more than 25 countries around the world. Project deliveries of modular pharmaceutical facilities were made to clients all over the world such as AMO, AstraZeneca, Aventis, Cook (Baxter), Eli Lilly & Co, Ferring, Genentech, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pharmacia, Merck & Co, Nycomed, Robert Bosch GmbH, Schwarz Pharma and Vitrolife.

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Experienced personnel

Numerous of Emtunga’s coworkers today have a background from Pharmadule Emtunga AB and/or Pharmadule AB with well proven skills in modular building design and fabrication of pharmaceutical production facilities. Emtunga personnel have also had active leading project roles in recent pharmaceutical projects in the last three years managed by another external part. This is a good rating of Emtunga’s experience in the modular design of pharmaceutical plants.

Emtunga & AFRY - A strong solid solution

In 2020 Emtunga and AFRY decided to again intensify their cooperation offering a solid turn-key solution to the market. We have a long history delivering several cGMP compliant pharmaceutical projects together.

With the skills that both companies possess, we will complement each other and offer strong solutions for both E, EP and EPC projects to the Life Science (food & pharmaceuticals) market.

Our projects are managed by our own cross-functional team with long experience from pharmaceutical projects. We have expertise within all areas covering all project phases, from the early conceptual design studies to detailed project execution including construction and commissioning/validation on site. Emtunga’s long experience of modular building design and project turn-key execution is completed with AFRY’s strength within process, automation, QA and validation. Coordination between disciplines, both in design and in our work processes, together with timing are two key words during our project execution. All these aspects are a guarantee for a high-quality delivery projects.

We are together with AFRY currently (May 2021) working with four joint projects. One of these is the feasibility study for the Norwegian Directorate of Health where the core competence within AFRY (process) and Emtunga (modular building design and construction) have been the key driver.


The Emtunga Modular Way is well suitable for all complex Life Science projects where predictability for cost, time and high quality is a must; pharmaceutical production facilities, laboratories and medical facilities.


We have as a part of Pharmadule Emtunga AB a history of delivering 35 major pharma projects. Taken into account working with other external companies we can add our experience to additional 18 major projects.

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Featured Projects
OSD Facility Merch & Co Singapore

OSD Facility - Merck & Co, Singapore

All activities from basic design, fabrication, equipment procurement, and site assembly to operational qualification. The modular facility was assembled and fully commissioned in workshop prior to shipping to Singapore for rapid handover for operation.

Purification Facility Eli Lilly & Co Puerto Rico

Purification Facility - Eli Lilly & Co, Puerto Rico

The work included all activities from basic design, fabrication, equipment procurement, and site assembly to operational qualification.

Biotech MPL Expansion Facility Glaxo Smith Kline Bio Hamilton USA

Biotech MPL Expansion Facility - Glaxo Smith Kline Bio, Hamilton USA

The work included all activities from basic design, fabrication, equipment procurement, and site assembly to operational qualification.

OSD Manufacturing Facility Schering Plough Corp Summit NJ USA

OSD Manufacturing Facility - Schering Plough Corp, Summit NJ USA

The work included all work from CD, fabrication, process equipment, delivery to operational qualification.

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