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We behave and comply

Our Code of Conduct is built on our foundational beliefs of safety, integrity, quality, respect and sustainability. It gives us a common language and playbook for decisions and actions that help us live our core values.

The ten principles included in this Code of Conduct are:

  • We comply with laws

  • We respect our colleagues

  • We ensure healthy and safe working conditions

  • We protect our assets and confidential information

  • We respect fundamental human rights

  • We never make unlawful payments

  • We choose our business partners carefully

  • We avoid conflicts of interest

  • We compete fairly

  • We operate in an environmentally responsible manner

Code of Conducts: Text

“We have prepared ten core principles that describe our expectations regarding our business conduct.
Our Code of Conduct should be a guide when making decisions and in your daily work. This applies both to your co-workers and to our customers and partners.”

Christofer Edström
Managing Director

Code of Conducts: Text
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