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Specialized in delivering tailor-made facilities, pre-manufactured in controlled indoors environment, engineered for later assembly anywhere in the world.

Emtunga Solutions AB is a leading supplier of complex modular EPC projects located in Sweden. With over 45 years of experience from the offshore industry and 25 years from global pharmaceutical industry, we deliver fast and cost-effective offsite construction based on world class execution processes and routines. We operate from our offices in Gothenburg, Sweden and Vara, Sweden.

In total Emtunga has delivered over 5 500 modular building sections with 200 000 m² of floor space, to more than 25 countries around the world. The global Oil & Gas and the Life Science industry are challenging focusing on Quality, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment – these are amongst our highest priorities. Emtunga Solutions is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

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Emtunga operates within the business areas: Offshore Living, Life Science (Food & Pharmaceuticals) and Technical Modules to both offshore and conventional onshore facilities.

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Offshore Living

Emtunga has delivered over 80 major Living Quarters projects for offshore accommodation in the Oil & Gas industry since 1974, providing over 12 500 number of beds. We have performed over 20 world-wide assemblies of our designs with local workforce in Norway, UK, Canada, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Indonesia (Batam), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, plus a number of single lift deliveries out of Sweden.

Life Science

Our previous incarnation, Pharmadule Emtunga AB, was established during 2001 through a merger of Pharmadule AB and Emtunga International AB. The merger completed the two companies' long-term relationship, where Emtunga was Pharmadule’s exclusive manufacturer of modular pharmaceutical plants but also the engineering expertise for facility design. The two divisions operated extremely close during a period of fifteen years, delivering close to 50 pharmaceutical plants.

In 2020 Emtunga and AFRY, having a long history delivering several cGMP compliant Pharmaceuticals projects together, decided to again intensify their cooperation offering a solid turn-key solution to the market. With the skills that both companies possess, we will complement each other and offer strong solution for both E, EP and EPC projects to the Life Science(Food & Pharmaceuticals) market.

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“We strive to be the number one choice for delivery of complex industrial turnkey projects, based on a modular execution.”

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