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Heritage in Gothenburg’s 1970s shipyard industry

History: Welcome

Emtunga Modular Way - back in the day

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Re-entering the pharmaceuticals market

In 2020 Emtunga and AFRY, having a long history delivering several cGMP compliant Pharmaceuticals projects together, decided to again intensify their cooperation offering a solid turn-key solution to the market. With the skills that both companies possess, we will complement each other and offer strong solution for both E, EP and EPC projects to the Life Science(Food & Pharmaceuticals)market.


Emtunga Solutions AB

Apply is left out from the former name Apply Emtunga AB as a consequence of a reconstruction of the Apply group, a company group consisting of Emtunga and six other business entities focusing on the upstream offshore oil and gas industry. The aim of the reconstruction is to develop a strong and independent company both financially and as a brand. We are pleased to keep Emtunga in our new name, to retain our strong brand built on long experience and well deserved reputation as the world leading supplier of living quarters.


Apply Emtunga AB

The name is changed from Apply Leirvik Emtunga AB. The change is initiated by the ultimate parent company, Apply, in order to streamline the Apply group membership identity and separate Emtunga from the former parent company Apply Leirvik AB who acquired Emtunga 2009.


Apply Leirvik Emtunga AB

In fall 2009 the company group APPLY is formed by aligning the strategies of all the HITECH Vision and Köhlergruppen partly and wholly-owned legal entities under Apply ASA, Stavanger, Norway. As a result, the name LEIRVIK Emtunga LQ AB is changed to Apply Leirvik Emtunga AB.



In early 2009 a new company is formed in LEIRVIK Emtunga LQ AB which will be a 100% owned Daughter Company of LEIRVIK MT AS, Stord, Norway. The new company purchase all of Emtunga Offshore AB's intellectual property rights, archives, databases and work procedures from the receiver in charge of Emtunga Offshore's bankruptcy 2008. The dividing line between the new company and its Mother Company is quite simple; LEIRVIK Emtunga will fabricate steel living quarters for international customers whilst LEIRVIK MT will continue to focus on aluminium living quarters for the North Sea market.


Emtunga Offshore AB

Emtunga Offshore AB is established, as Pharmadule Emtunga AB operating in the pharmaceutical industry and the offshore industry, separates its two operating divisions into two companies: Pharmadule AB and Emtunga Offshore AB. This is the final step in the restructuring program aiming to focus on each business' customer needs and industry possibility. A focus of competencies, knowledge and total resources is necessary in order to shorten decision time and to be able to optimize each business to its customers.


Pharmadule Emtunga AB

Pharmadule Emtunga AB is established from a merger of Pharmadule AB and Emtunga International AB. The merger completes the two companies long-term relationship, where Emtunga has been Pharmadule's exclusive manufacturer of modular pharmaceutical plants. The companies have operated extremely close during a period of fifteen years, delivering close to 50 plants to more than 25 countries around the world.


Emtunga International AB

Emtunga, in its original form, is acquired by IDI (Industrial Development & Investment AB) and the company name is changed to Emtunga International AB.


Entering the pharmaceutical industry

Emtunga delivers its first pharmaceutical modules for Pharmadule AB. After Pharmadule AB discovers that the modular construction used in the offshore industry will solve the pharmaceutical industry's traditional problems of cost overruns, delivery delays and technical problems.


Delivering our first living quarters

Emtunga delivers its first living quarters module, to a North Sea oil rig.


Emtunga is founded

Bertil Gustafsson founds Emtunga. In the early days, he supplied local farmers with equipment such as pressure vessels and tanks.

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