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Our projects are managed and executed by our own key personnel with long experience from modular engineering of Oil & Gas as well as pharmaceutical projects.
In addition, we work with a wide network of consultant companies, and we have a broad bank of experienced external team members. Many of our consultants have a history of working with us, either as consultants or as former employees.


We have a global network of several hundred suppliers.
We work with suppliers who aims for high quality deliveries in both equipment and service. Being a supplier to Emtunga means being a gear in a technically advanced project delivery. We aim at continuously developing co-operations with our suppliers.


In 2020 Emtunga and AFRY decided to again intensify our cooperation offering a solid turn-key solution to the Life Science market. We have a long history of working together and have delivered several cGMP compliant pharmaceutical projects. With the skills that both companies possess, we complement each other and offer a rigid solution for both E, EP and EPC projects. 


We have a broad network of experienced sub-contractors for all disciplines offering high quality services and workmanship. We have a history of working together with many of them going back 30 years.

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