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TLSC webinar - Shorter time to market – better cost and time predictability

Are you planning new laboratories, factories or facility expansion? Modular solutions increases control over cost and timelines.

Emtunga Solutions AB is providing modular solutions and utilities to accommodate for the client process' content for Life Science, Food & Process and Oil&Gas industry.

In this event Emtunga will talk about their versatile modular solutions and demonstrate how this save time and money in the project execution.

• Fit for purpose

• Versatility

• Modularization of the layout

• Interconnections of the installations

• Flexible construction

• Standardized solutions – well defined processes and technical solutions

• Shorter time to market

• Cost & Time predictability

• Offsite construction – construction with well proven design in a controlled environment with skilled labors generating higher quality

Speakers (Emtunga Solutions): Ann-Britt Trogen, Peter Ivarsson & Lars-Gunnar Wallenius

When: February 4th 2021

Link to the presentation:


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