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Successful load out of ACE Living Quarters

In end of March -21, Emtunga completed a load out and loading onto two vessels of the manufactured ACE Living Quarters. ACE LQ is designed, fabricated and outfitted in single Modular Units at Emtunga yard in Gothenburg, Sweden. In order to speed up the assembly phase at client site in Baku Azerbaijan, Emtunga has assembled the single units into two or three Modular Units. The LQ is built up of 50 single units plus a helideck.

LQ is designed and fabricated to facilitate POB 260. Five storages with Helideck to be placed on ACE topside in Baku.

End client BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd will complete the assembly in Baku with help of Azfen at ATA Yard. Emtunga will participate as advisors in Baku for the whole hook up work.

First lift onto ACE top side is planned to be 11th of June -21. Final commissioning is planned to be finished 28th of June -22.


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