After Basic Design the facility is divided into production batches, each consisting of a number of smaller module sections. Hereafter, our project execution model runs in parallel for each production batch. After all internal interfaces are validated, the production batches’ design are developed individually allowing fabrication to start as soon the first batch is complete. This not only reduces time-to-market reduce, spreads out the workload, cash-flow and risk but also allows you to defer your investment decision. Our state-of-the-art engineering process



module fabrication

In our indoor fabrication process each module section is fabricated and outfitted independently according to our modular production line principle. The module section pass each operation, welding, surface treatment, insulation,installation of equipment and furnishing in a fixed sequence. The parallel construction process and the ability to complete the majority of the work on ground level in a controlled indoor environment provide several advantages:

  • Robustness against delays
  • Safe working environment
  • Efficient logistics and material handling
  • Higher degree of pre-fabrication and less bottlenecks
  • Easy to scale up, fabrication can be divided on different construction sites



Finally the module sections are assembled into a single living quarters, either erected on top of a base frame used as part of the main-structure during load out or lifted individually up and erected on the topside. After the interconnection work between the module sections and the external structures and equipment is installed the living quarter is ready for completion.