EMTUNGA 360° Concept
- founded on knowledge, experience, long-term relations and trust.

We are proud of our experience reaching back as far as four decades. During these years we have developed a product and a consistent working method continuously refined due to innovations, experience and lessons learned. Our method is predictable, transparent and robust, striving for optimum quality with a constant safety focus.
We call it the Emtunga way. 


Use our value-adding services to optimize each phase of your project.


Make use of Emtunga’s unique capabilities as a living quarters specialist. We conduct early involvment studies depending on your project’s requirements and the phase that you are in. 

  • Feasibility studies

  • Conceptual studies

  • FEED/Basic Design


We have full in-house expertise to run a project through all phases. Our skilled team have long experience of delivering complex EPC projects, in the industry, for a fixed price and on a guaranteed delivery time.

  • Tailor-made living quarters

  • Standard living quarters concepts

  • Living quarters extensions

  • Technical modules


We serve our customers worldwide with support back office from our experienced engineers in Sweden. Our network of service technicians reaches globally to support you offshore or to conduct a inspection survey to identify the need of future upgrades.

  • Offshore Start-up Assistance

  • Training & Education

  • Preventive Service Plans

  • Maintenance Services & Spare Parts

  • Upgrades & Face-Lifts 

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At Emtunga, everything we do is reflected by our well proven method. In addition to our core values, it consist of our Project Execution Model developed for managing complex EPC projects and our Modular Production Concept. Together these make complex industrial fabrication predictable and reduces time-to-market, while keeping highest focus on HSEQ.  

Our state-of-the-art Project Execution Model consist of methods, specialist competencies, techniques and tools developed for over four decades. It is highly systematized and fully integrated in the processes and tools used on a daily basis. 

  • Certified against:
    - ISO 9001:2015
    - ISO 14001:2015
    - OHSAS 18001: 2007

  • Clearly defined processes for each project phase

    • Standardized milestones and gates

    • Well defined activities up to each milestone

    • Standard procedures for each activity

    • Defined Outputs for each activity

    • Defined Inputs, Outputs and Dependencies for all activities

  • Clearly defined interfaces and progress reporting to all parties for a transparent execution


Emtunga Modular Production Concept


After completing the basic design of functions and requirements, the facility is divided into production batches of smaller module sections. Next, the project execution model run in parallel for each production batch in scheduled sequences, utilizing a just-in-time philosophy and allowing fabrication to start as soon as the first batch design is approved.

We have in-house capacity for all disciplines and a wide network of engineering consultants to cater for higher workloads.

Our engineering systems is integrated with systems for project management and planning, for seamless transfer of design information and project data during the project.

  • Reduced time-to-market - start up of fabrication when design of first module section is complete, regardless of location in facility.

  • Simplifies complex projects - easy to divide project into intuitive smaller isolated scopes.

  • Just-in-time philosophy - workload, cost and risk spread out with production rate.


Each module section is fabricated and outfitted independently from welding & surface treatment to installation of equipment and architectural finishing.

The parallel and repetitive construction process and the ability to complete the majority of the work on ground level in a controlled indoor environment provide several advantages

  • Safe work

  • High efficiency - improved accessibility and logistics

  • Robustness against delays - delays are isolated to one module section and do not impact overall schedule

  • Flexible production scheduling - fabrication in any sequence and easy to expand fabrication to several sites


The module sections are assembled into a single living quarters, either erected on top of a base frame used during load out and the installation on the topside, or lifted individually and assembled on the topside. During assembly the module sections are first erected to the base-frame, topside or the module beneath. After interconnection to adjacent module sections the external structures and equipment are installed externally.

The Modular Production Concept offers flexibility. Regardless of delivery method we provide supervision and site support until facility is up and running. 

  • Lower transportation cost

  • Decide amount of work to performed locally


Preparation for completion and commissioning of the facility starts early in the project and is an integrated part of the engineering team during design development, where functional systems and subsystem are established early to align with the design and production sequence. The process for completion and commissioning follow the production philosophy, striving to perform as much as possible during module fabrication. Regardless of delivery method, we assist until after functional tests of the full systems in order to guarantee a turnkey solution ready for habitation. Before habitation of the living quarters we provide offshore start-up assistance and training to secure a proper usage and lower future maintenance costs.

  • Turn-key solution


Flexible delivery – consistent execution.

The modular sections can be transported individually or assembled as one single unit. Emtunga's Modular Production Concept suits independently of delivery model keeping the same standardized process, just tailored to fit your project. 


Single Unit Delivery


module sections delivery


local fabrication

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